Control TV Volume Through STB If the volume control keys don’t work with your TV, you can program the remote so that the STB will control the volume. 1. Press and hold the <OK> and buttons together, then release both. 2. The RED LED will blink twice and then stay on. 3. Press 9 - 5 – 5. will blink each time a new code is sent. 6. My Changhong tv turns on but nothing else. Changhong Electric Flat Panel Television 3DA47A7000i ... 0 Solutions. Sound not working. Changhong Electric Flat Panel Television CHL4243DC. 0 Solutions. Have volume but no picture. ... Changhong Electric Flat Panel Television LT32699U. 0 Solutions. celestial remote gk23j9-c1 for wot model changhong.

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